Tracifier Document
Management Solution

Collect, collaborate and control your important trade document
using blockchain DMS solution

How it Works?

Quick Data Collection From Partners
Tracifier enables users to invite their partners and collect related trade documentation and certification all in one platform.
E-Sign From Any Where
E-sign and e-seal certificates in a legally verifiable manner. The process only takes a few minutes, as opposed to several days required for traditional signing and exchange of certificates between companies.
Fast Document Sharing
Tracifier's certificate management solution provides laboratories with a workspace for real-time data exchange with their network. The sharing function allows labs to share the ownership of documents with different groups of stakeholders in just one click.

Tracifier DMS solution Makes Managing Your Documents Easier

Tracifier Certificate Verification solution is a tool that creates the digital twin of business documents, especially supply chain certification, and protects them against fraud by adding digital fingerprints on documents. This provides a secure data management environment, reduces paper processing times, reduces wait time, and increases the end-to-end documentation process.

Digital Twin
Generate digital twins of vital trade documents and authenticate them in real-time, whether in print or digital format, using tamper-proof QR codes for instant verification.

Legally Compliant
We provide a legally valid electronic signature based on blockchain technology, aligned with crucial regulations such as eIDAS, the Durable Medium Directive, and GDPR.

Smart Documents
Monitor the status of any document with designated rights. Create a standard for trust and role distribution within your system. Specify who is authorized to sign, verify, or redeem a document.

Highlight on use cases

Securely E-sign and share the product certification with partners and colleagues. Your customers can verify the authenticity of the documents in real time.
Collect all required documents and create product protocols and share with colleagues and partners easily.
Exchange documents with your partners with speed and close deals faster and get faster payments.
Create product protocols and reports faster by collecting documents in a faster manner.
More time selling your product, less time wasting on paper work.
Act faster than your competitor to aquire talents in your company.
Collaborate faster with your team and to verify the authenticity of related documents.
Testing Laboratories
Auditing and Inspection
International Business Documentation
Shipping Industry

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